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July 10, 2018

CSS Loader (Without Library) CSS Loader (Without Library)

We often need a code snippet for CSS loader and we do not want to include any library for that.

To deal with this situation, I have created a code snippet which can be easily embedded into any project and you can get the loader feature.

I have created 2 selector that can show/hide the loader and fade out the content till the time page is loading.

fade and #modal — These will toggle the loader based on their display properties.

  1. Show loader — Simply change their style display to block (style.display = ‘block’).
  2. Hide Loader — Simply change their style display to block (style.display = ‘none’).

The example above is the one implementation and we can use it anyway we need.

Conclusion :- Use this code snippet to embed the loader in your app. You can customise it at any level to match your need.

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